free printable alphabet worksheets (2024)

Teaching the letters of the alphabet can be fun and exciting with my free alphabet printables! These free printable alphabet worksheets and activities feature hands-on learning practice and all kinds of engaging activities for young learners. Coloring pages, alphabet crafts, ABC tracing printables, alphabet games, and more help preschoolers master their ABCs in the classroom and at home.

I’m excited to share all my favorite alphabet worksheets and activities with you. I’ve included lots of fun alphabet learning resources and ABC books you can use to keep the learning going plus some totally free alphabet printables and activities you won’t want to miss!

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Fun Ways to Teach the Letters of the Alphabet

Teaching the letters of the alphabet doesn’t have to be all flashcards and memorization. You can have fun learning to identify letters and letter sounds with your preschool and kindergarten students too! Check out some of my favorite fun ways to teach the letters of the alphabet below.

Sing Songs

Singing songs about the concepts your students are learning is a great way to help them remember important facts. A great silly song is a perfect way to practice letter sounds, rhyming, and syllables too! Discover some of my favorite alphabet songs to sing with your kids this school year.

Act Out the Alphabet by Jack Hartmann

Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song

The Phonics Song by Gracie’s Corner

Read Books

There are so many excellent abc books to read aloud together! You can read alphabet books during snack time, circle time, or at bedtime with your little learners. Alphabet books are a fun way for children to practice letter recognition.

Kids can practice identifying uppercase and lowercase letters while expanding their vocabulary with all kinds of wonderful characters in ABC books. Keep reading to discover some of my favorite alphabet books to read aloud below.

Environmental Print

I like introducing preschoolers to the alphabet with environmental print. Environmental print is part of our everyday lives, including signs, billboards, and labels. This type of print can help to bridge the gap between recognizing letters and beginning to read real words.

Preschool and kindergarten kiddos love that they can look at the golden arches of McDonald’s and know it forms the uppercase letter M. Recognizing letters and words this way gives kids the confidence they need to begin reading in earnest.

Discover my Environmental Print Activities for Preschool to get more ideas about how you can use it in your classroom.

Letter of the Day

Practicing one letter each day is a great strategy for learning letters with your preschoolers. With this method, you’ll ensure your students get lots of practice identifying the letter, the letter sounds, and forming the letters too.

My free alphabet printables can help you to plan letter of the day activities in the classroom and at home.

Crafts & Games

There are so many awesome alphabet games and crafts to do! I love cut-and-paste crafts because they give young children many opportunities to develop critical fine motor skills. Plus, they’re really easy for teachers to add to any lesson plan.

Alphabet games like bingo, memory, and Pop for Letters can make learning letters and letter sounds more fun too. Share your favorite alphabet flashcards, board games, and card games in the comments so we can all try them!

Free Alphabet Printables Your Kids Will Love

There are lots of great budget friendly ways you can practice the letters of the alphabet at home and in the classroom too. Check out my free alphabet printables to get more great ideas for your little learners this year.

Letter Aa Centers

You need to check out this amazing collection of free alphabet worksheets and activities that will make learning the ABCs a blast for your little ones.

Whether you’re a teacher prepping for your preschool class or a parent looking for engaging learning resources, we’ve got you covered with this letter Aa sample!

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It includes directed drawings that will spark your child’s creativity while helping them associate the letter Aa with fun visuals. It’s hands-on learning at its finest.

Our alphabet coloring pages are perfect for honing those fine motor skills while introducing letter recognition skills. Let your kids unleash their inner artists as they color everything from a cheerful “B” for bird to a jolly “J” for jellyfish. But wait, there’s more!

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For some squishy sensory fun, check out our ABC playdough mats! These mats are not only a fantastic way to practice forming letters but also a sensory delight for those little fingers. Your kiddos will be shaping all the letters of the alphabet in no time!

And that’s not all—our A to Z booklets will take your children on an exciting journey through the alphabet. They’ll get to know each letter through adorable illustrations and even try tracing them to boost letter formation skills.

So, try out a free sample of my best selling alphabet activities today. These free resources are sure to keep your kids entertained, engaged, and learning happily.

Or get the entire bundle with all the letters of the alphabet and over 500 included pages for CHEAP!

Editable Alphabet Tracing Page

Have fun practicing the letters of the alphabet with this Editable Tracing Page printable. I like to use mini m&m candies to keep my kids motivated as we practice. Every time they successfully complete a letter, they get a mini candy to encourage them to keep practicing.

Snowman Alphabet Match Activity

This Snowman Alphabet Match Worksheet is perfect for practicing letters and letter sounds with your preschool and kindergarten students this winter! You can do them at home for extra practice identifying the letters of the alphabet or add them to your classroom literacy center during the winter months.

Alphabet Letter Hunt Sensory Activity

Do you want to get those preschoolers and kindergartners up and moving? Check out my Alphabet Letter Hunt Sensory activity.

This interactive multisensory lesson will get your students up and moving while engaging their 5 senses and learning letters too!

This Sensory Bin Alphabet Search will help your kids practice recognizing uppercase letters and lowercase letters as they find each letter and color the corresponding letter on their alphabet printable worksheet.

St. Patrick’s Day Letter Hunt

You’ll get a free printable St. Patrick’s Day Letter Worksheet you can use with your very own shamrock or leprechaun themed sensory bin.

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Add foam letters or magnetic alphabet letters to a sensory bin and have preschoolers discover all the hidden letters. It’s a multisensroy letter recognition activity they’ll never forget!

Free Alphabet Worksheets

If you’re looking for more absolutely free printable alphabet worksheets, this bundle of 46 Free Alphabet Resources will set you up for success!

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The free printable alphabet bundle features 13 themed alphabet activities, 3 printable alphabet visuals, and 31 different free printable ways to practice the letters of the alphabet.

Paid Printable Alphabet Activities with Hands-On Fun

In addition to my free alphabet printables, I’ve got lots of fun hands-on alphabet activities you can do in the classroom and at home with your preschoolers. Don’t miss these engaging alphabet crafts, printables, and games!

Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabet Crafts

Cut-and-paste crafts are ideal for fine motor practice and developing the ability to follow multi-step instructions in the classroom. I’ve got bundles of Uppercase Letter Crafts and Lowercase Letter Crafts you can use to squeeze in lots of adorable alphabet letter learning fun with your preschoolers.

free printable alphabet worksheets (6)

Have fun creating lowercase d dinosaurs and uppercase O owls with your little learners this year!

Interactive Alphabet Notebook Printables

My printable Interactive Alphabet Notebooks will make a special keepsake for parents and grandparents at the end of the school year. Every page offers lots of exciting letter practice for your preschoolers.

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Plus, it’s a great no-prep warm up activity to add to your literacy lesson plans.

Rainbow Write the Alphabet Game

My write the room activities are great for helping kids learn to identify numbers and practice counting skills. This Rainbow Write the Alphabet Game is a spinoff that you can use to teach early literacy skills while encouraging strong fine motor skills.

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These letter activities will help students learn their letters fast! Plus, they’ll have lots of fun spinning the spinner and practicing writing with many different colors.

My Favorite ABC Books to Read Aloud in the Classroom

I promised to share some of my favorite ABC books to read aloud. These books feature beautiful artwork, silly storylines, and they’re all sure to be favorites with your little learners!

Alpha Oops! The Day Z Went First by Alethea Kontis

The Whole Alphabet Is Totally Embarressed by Michelle M. Thornhill

What About X? An Alphabet Adventure by Anne Marie Houppert

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

Have More Fun Learning the Letters of the Alphabet

Need more fun ways to learn the letters of the alphabet after you finish my printable pack? Don’t worry! I’ve got lots of different ways to practice the alphabet with your little learners this school year. Check out some of my favorite preschool and kindergarten activities to do with the free alphabet worksheets I shared above.

Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet Bingo from A Peaceable Kingdom is a hands-on way to practice letter recognition with your preschoolers and kindergartners. They’ll love the colorful alphabet mats included in this board game. You can even create an ABC themed prize box for the winners to choose a goodie from after the game.

Alphabet Yoga

Encouraging your students to try Alphabet Yoga isn’t just a great way to learn letters, it’s also perfect for encouraging healthy physical activity and getting your students up and moving around the room. Get the wiggles out and learn more about forming alphabet letters in Alphabet Yoga A-Z videos.

Whether you’re looking for fun activities to add to your letter of the week curriculum, an easy alphabet tracing worksheet, or fun ways to practice proper letter formation with your young learners, you’ll find fun printable worksheets and activities all about the letters of the alphabet at The Primary Parade.

If you have any fun literacy activities for learning uppercase and lowercase letter identification that I didn’t mention, please share them in the comments so we can all get more great ideas for teaching letter recognition skills in the classroom and at home.

free printable alphabet worksheets (2024)
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