Stranger Than Friends (2024)

Stranger Than Friends is a finished manhwa at sixty-six chapters being written by Yeoro and illustrated by Sagold. First released in 2020, it has been published in English by Lezhin and finished in 2023.


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Yi-hyeok and Inseo have been friends for their entire lives. It’s something they take for granted. Just like the sky is blue and water is wet, the two of them are lifelong buddies. Or, well, that’s what they think right up until the moment Inseo kisses Yi-hyeok as a joke that turns into something more, sparking a whole new scorching hot relationship between them. It might be pretty funny, really steamy, and a little strange...but they’re still friends. Right? …Right?!


Joo Yi-hyeok[]

Stranger Than Friends (1)

Wondering how it came to the point where he and Inseo are kissing, Yi-hyeok thinks whether he can do this kind of thing with his best friend. After seeing examples online Yi-hyeok wanted to also recreate a scenario where he presently matches what is in a past photo, only he does not have any photos of his childhood since his mom took them all. Yi-hyeok considers it a shame since it seems funny. Speaking to Inseo over the phone Yi-hyeok heads out to his residence. There he is happy to see photos of them when they were younger, and it dawns on him that those can be used. With Inseo happily agreeing to it Yi-hyeok thinks why he is smiling like that and suspects something amiss. After he is kissed by him Yi-hyeok leaves and wonders why he got aroused. Yi-hyeok then thinks how Inseo touched his chest and in the first 23 years of his life it is the first time he has thought of his best friend like that. Thinking they spend too much time together Yi-hyeok continues that they have known each other a disgustingly long amount of time. Processing he must be out of his mind Yi-hyeok contemplates how does he even face Inseo after this. Messaged by him Yi-hyeok guesses he too is acting like nothing happened. Telling himself it was just an accident and nothing more Yi-hyeok decides to forget it ever happened and that Inseo is probably just as confused as he is. Turning down the invite from Inseo's mom to come to dinner, Yi-hyeok really does have to work at a restaurant but thinks what if it seems like he is avoiding him now. Keeping himself busy while working Yi-hyeok kept thinking about how he should not think about Inseo, which made him think more.

Baek Inseo[]

Stranger Than Friends (2)

Calling Yi-hyeok and asking if he is busy Inseo answers he does not really want to come and play. He was going to, but then got too lazy to get out of the house. He asks Yi-hyeok to get some food on the way since he does not have anything at his. Having found a photo album Inseo remarks that the best way to remind oneself of the past is to start cleaning. He reminds Yi-hyeok they have known each other for 23 years since he was born exactly that amount of time ago. Beholding Yi-hyeok's keenness for them to take photos results in him agreeing to. Asking if he can choose a photo, Inseo suggests a particular one namely him kissing Yi-hyeok when they were younger. Enquiring what is wrong since Yi-hyeok said he could choose one, Inseo questions whether they will get started, he can change his mind and not do it. As they prepare, with Yi-hyeok close Inseo asks if he is flirting. Proceeding to kiss him Inseo thinks whether he is angry again. When his mother joins them and Yi-hyeok departs Inseo gives the excuse that he had to go to his part-time job. Acting regularly at a restaurant with Sanho and Tak he greets Yi-hyeok as a friend as normal when he arrives. Inseo does take Yi-hyeok's hand and guides him to drink in moderation. Waiting until Yi-hyeok notices that he is watching him, Inseo wonders if the joke was too much. Finding Yi-hyeok's reactions fun, Inseo then thinks it was clear he was conscious about the kiss and remembers him blushing. With that Inseo thinks to stop. With Yi-hyeok following him outside Inseo asks him why and when he is unable to say Inseo moves to kiss Yi-hyeok again.

Inseo's Mother[]

Stranger Than Friends (3)

Entering the house she wonders whose shoes are here before calling out whether Yi-hyeok has come. Coming across Yi-hyeok and Inseo on the floor she asks what they were doing here having heard a crash a moment ago. Delighted to see the photos of them when they were younger, she comments how cute they were and to see what puffy cheeks they had. When Yi-hyeok says he has to go, Inseo's mother asks that he stay for dinner instead, then questions her son on whether they fought. Hearing Inseo say he thinks Yi-hyeok had to go to his part-time job, his mother states for him not to fight since Yi-hyeok is a good friend. She met Yi-hyeok's mother at a postpartum care center where they quickly became close friends as they relied on each other during a difficult time.


Coming across Yi-hyeok he asks if there is something on his mind and he can tell him, maybe he can help. After he pats his shoulder as Yi-hyeok is shirtless he comments Yi-hyeok always looks quite strapping. When he has his hand around Yi-hyeok's waist again it is grasped by Inseo. Not answering what he is doing he speaks for Inseo to let go since it hurts. Hearing Inseo is not normally like that he thinks he is exactly like that. Stating his friend is waiting he suggests Yi-hyeok clock out now since they do not have any customers. He says Jung-hyeon and Young-hwa should so the same.


Jung-hyeon calls to ask where the boss is at the restaurant Yi-hyeok works at.


In response to Yi-hyeok's question Young-hwa confirms table eight have left.

Lee Sanho[]

Calling Yi-hyeok to ask if he is off work Sanho recommends they get out of here and drink until they conk out. Meeting him at the usual place, Sanho says he called the other guys, Inseo and Tak. Loving to drink Sanho comments it is what he lives for, this flavor. He has known Inseo and Yi-hyeok since school and picks up on them being together.

Gi Tak[]

Drinking with Sanho, Inseo and Yi-hyeok he orders another round. With Sanho encouraging Yi-hyeok to drink rapidly Tak questions if he is still his friend. When Sanho's is shouting where Yi-hyeok and Inseo escaped to Tak comments he is so noisy. He is roommates with Sanho. Tak and Sanho also share a less than favorable relatinoship on Sanho's end, as it's been confirmed that Tak has feelings for the boy. Sanho seems to have feelings for Tak, but struggles with this.


Stranger Than Friends (4)

Yi-hyeok and Inseo are kissing, everything started this morning. Watching a video on YouTube Yi-hyeok saw people remaking childhood pictures with their present-day selves, such as a mother holding her baby now holding her adult son in the same pose. He wants to do the same but does not have photos from childhood with his best friend Inseo. Heading to Inseo's house they view a photo album with events such as from when they went camping in primary school, to a school sports competition, and visiting Jeju island. There are also photos of Yi-hyeok and Inseo as babies together and being at a birthday party. Yi-hyeok shows him the video then asks him if he has pictures. Yi-hyeok says for Inseo to choose one, who takes the opportunity to select one where they were kissing as kids. Yi-hyeok searches for a substitute for the toy rocket as he prepares to recreate the scene. After they do kiss Inseo regards Yi-hyeok's expression and moves to kiss him further.[1]

Stranger Than Friends (5)

As they kiss, Inseo's mother comes home so Yi-hyeok essentially kicks Inseo away before she sees. Watching Inseo watching him, Yi-hyeok says he has to go. Afterwards he starts to think about it a lot and wonders why he is aroused by what happened. The thoughts in his head are becoming real.[2] Recollecting how their mothers became friends at postpartum care center, Yi-hyeok and Inseo also grew up as brothers. They were more than just friends and would not be who they are without each other. Yi-hyeok attempts to forgot about them kissing but cannot do so. Greeted in a restaurant Yi-hyeok receives a message from Inseo. It reads his mom is asking if he wants to come over for dinner tonight. Unable to due to work, as Yi-hyeok changes the boss sees him without a shirt on and comments on his physique. He leaves after Jung-hyeon calls. Yi-hyeok speaks with a colleague Young-hwa on his shift. At home Yi-hyeok thinks about his and Inseo's kiss some more until he gets a call from Lee Sanho. Meeting him at a restaurant Yi-hyeok finds Sanho has brought Tak, and Inseo.[3]

While they enjoy drinking and the food that is ordered Yi-hyeok picks up on accidentally nudging Inseo's leg with his own. Willing himself to not be aware Yi-hyeok sees Inseo is gazing at him. Asking Yi-hyeok what is up Inseo then heads outside. While he thinks of Yi-hyeok's reaction and means to stop, Inseo sees Yi-hyeok has followed him outside where they kiss once more.[4]


Inseo calling Yi-hyeok

Tak comments Sanho is noisy as he shouts for Inseo and Yi-hyeok


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  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
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